What Do We Provide You With?

Marketing - Design, copywriting, website, SEO, leaflet drops, social media, competitions, even handling PR. We cover your marketing. Get the right message to the right people in your territory. Rhythmically and consistently will keep you with a steady flow of leads. 


Recruitment & Training - Having staff who know what's needed, and who are motivated and happy is essential to keep customers served and happy with a reliable quality service. We'll show you to recruit the right people and we'll train them so they know what to do! 

Resources Portal - Checking resources? Ordering supplies? Need to know something pronto? Your resources portal contains your manual, contracts, how-tos, and all information about anything you need to know. It will also be where you can provide feedback on how we're doing so we are on top of everything you need to know. You'll also have access to our shop so your team can source any equipment and replacements you need with zero downtime. (all next working day delivery).

Support via telephone, video, and in face to face with regular contact - and weekly, ask us anything clinics. You can submit questions and schedule zoom and face-to-face meetings via your portal to cover anything you need to know or need help with.

Answering Service - Our customers will rarely ever need to wait for your callback... We answer their calls respond to enquires and ensure you never miss a valuable customer's business. You'll be able to set the availability of your technicians in your portal. 

Direct Debit Collection Service - Getting paid and ensuring good cash flow is vital for your business's cogs to turn. We'll ensure your customer's payments hit your account when they should. Following up on late payers for you.

Accounting Services - Knowing your numbers is vital to knowing how well your business is doing. The stress of payroll submissions, and how much you need to pay all get in the way of your ability to focus on your business success moving forward. We'll handle all this for you so all you'll need to do is watch and maintain them special figures.

Management Software - You won't need to worry about finding the right software. All the software you need is included and cloud-based, it's all included in your management fee and accessible via your online resources portal. 

This is all included in your monthly management fee