The Story of SWASH


Swash is initially called "Swipe" it sounded okay back then when I created it as a project/something to apply what I was learning in business studies.


Swipe becomes official and it's Called Swash. Old equipment, in an old van with not my experience is that start of a journey. 


Swash initially provides all kinds of exterior cleaning services. Anything to get some operating cash flow... 


A new van gives Swash some super new stead. But it's still just me trading as Swash. I build a great reputation for Swash. I even meet my other half Emma. 


The juggle begins and determination is key. I must be mad for carrying on. But I start saving with Emma for our very first home. 


The hard work pays off. But I have to go back to working alone. It's a lot to juggle and stresses pile up. Good news though as we move into our first home and even get an extra little surprise...


I begin work on Swash Franchise Ltd. Documenting everything and ensuring it's right.


I have learned a lot and employed staff whilst I've created Swash Franchise Ltd. Everything is ready for franchisee number 1. The figures are there and it speaks for itself. Look at the last 12 years! Experience can be brought and that's what I now have on offer. Life will happen, it will be amazing, especially with my home and family. 

So this is the Story of Swash! will you be in it? I can't wait to see and help. Message me here... 07403 39 39 39