What Can I Earn As A Swash Franchisee?

How much you earn is up to you. Everyone is different and a Swash window cleaning franchise can enable you perfectly to meet your earnings goals regardless of where you are in life. Your earnings will in the end come down to the time you invest, focus and devote to the systems we provide. As well as your existing skills, experience and contacts.

Your income will come from your customers monthly window cleaning payments. Our franchise is focused on equipping you with what you need, training you and your team up to high standards and help & supporting you.

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How much time and effort will you devote to getting new clients?

IMPORTANT: This calculator provides figures of your earning potential based on our experienced opinion but many variables are assumed which would affect your actual results. We do not guarantee or warranty the results shown here or that your results will be similar to anyone else.

Financial Report

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Take a look at the detailed earning potential available to you as a Swash Window Cleaning Franchisee Including our recommended two-year forecast and path to a six-figure income: