The Great Thing About A Swash Franchise Is You Can Earn What You Like... Here's What We Mean...

There are essentially two options 
Whether you want to grow a multi van operation with sky high profits or want a simple yet profitable business from day one to own and run by yourself. Which ever it is...We have the perfect franchise opportunity for you.

With Employees

If you choose to run your franchise with employees you will have a much more independent business that will be easier to scale. You'll have the option of increasing the number of operative servicing your territory or you can buy additional franchise territories. The sky is the limit and you are only restricted by your ability to manage your staff and get more clients.  

Without Employees

If you choose to run your franchise without employees, you can enjoy a much simpler relaxed growth. As you will be following all aspects of the franchise system yourself your time will be restricted. This will limit what you can earn and your ability to scale your business above a particular level but you will only be responsible for yourself.

Below is a chart that shows the month by month projected income, expenses and profits we would expect a sole trader to achieve. 

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 13.43.13.png