If you do not earn £20,000 in your first 12 months of trading we will buy back your franchise for the same price you paid!


This guarantee is offered in good faith because we know that our system works.


The guarantee is not an excuse to avoid effort or execution on your part

you must make things happen in your franchise business in adherence to the operations manual.


Your guarantee is subject to the following conditions:


  • All management fee payments and any other purchases must be made on time. Missed or delayed payments by you will invalidate the guarantee.


  • You must make at least 12 monthly payments, or have paid upfront for these 12 months before you can claim under the guarantee.​​


  • If you intend to claim upon the guarantee you must notify us in writing no later than 6 months after your Start Date so that we have time to work with you - or for you - to fix the issue and generate the additional sales for you. Failure to explicitly ask for help before the end of month 6 and to reference the guarantee in that request for help will invalidate the guarantee.


  • If you fail to keep in regular proactive contact with us, follow our advice and guidance, attend all scheduled calls and/or meetings and ask for help when needed, and/or implement marketing strategies or tactics prescribed by us then your guarantee will be invalid. We can only guarantee results when you do what we suggest.


  • If, after the end of 12 months after your start date, you have not generated £20,000 in your franchise business then you must again notify us in writing and provide your accounts to support your claim. That notification must be made no later than 11 months after your start date.​


  • In the unlikely event that there is a shortfall in required profits stated here then we will buy back your franchise for the price you initially paid us in full within 18 months of your start date. ​